Save Connexions!

7 Dec
Connexions Broad St 007“The Con-Dems promised to improve CONNEXIONS Careers Advice for young people. But instead, they’ve done the opposite!!
Funding for careers advice for young people in Birmingham has been cut by 67%. Staffing for careers advice cut by two thirds. Kings Heath, Erdington, Handsworth, Yardley and Northfield Connexions centres have all been closed!! Only one full-time Connexions office remaining, and that will close in March 2013. Many young people will get no support in finding college places or jobs!!
This is all at a time when we have over 1 million young people unemployed in Britain!!
Some parts of Birmingham have the worst youth unemployment in Britain, but the Con-Dems don’t care!!”
The above was the text of the leaflet given out to the passing public yesterday as, the Broad Street Connexions workers staged a successful lunch time protest. The positive response from passing motorists was indicated by frequent honking of car horns.
And of course, Communities Against the Cuts was there to give solidarity! We would also make the point that it is not just the Con-Dems who are in the firing line, but the City Labour Council. Were they elected in May with a mandate to shut down the Connexions service? Are they going to save it? Or are they going to do Cameron and Osbourne’s bidding?

Connexions Broad St 004Connexions Broad St 006


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